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Speak Up Horses has taken possession of 48 quarter horses from a neglect case in the State of Kentucky. Most were elligable for registry with the AQHA Kentucky Incentive Fund or were previously registered, However papers are not available. These horses have some nice breeding, mostly King Fritz, Poco Bueno, Leo and Nu Chex to Cash. The horses are now in good health, have current coggins and health certificates.

We require the attached adoption application to be filled out and returned to us for review.
Our standard adoption contract applies.
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Forest: 2004 Bay Quarter Horse gelding; Proud and absolutely stunning. He has overcome his trust issues and now begs for attention. Very intelligent and kind eyes with the urge to learn it all. Adoption Fee: $400.

Flame: 2001 bay quarter horse mare. Big and bold, yet she mingles well with other horses. Very expressive mare who loves to make faces. She is looking for a home to give her a job that requires the use of her brain. Adoption Fee: $200.

Sugar: 2003 Bay quarter horse mare. Sugar loves her treats! The sweeter the better.... She knows if you have some in your pocket the minute you are within 100 feet of her. This mare was a young mother and her and her colt survived all odds. Healthy and whole with plenty of personality. Adoption Fee: $200.

Star: 2006 Bay quarter horse mare. The Diva is in the house. Will follow you to the moon for a massage, pets and treats. She lives for the attention. Can be bossy around other horses to assure she is number 1. Star literelly floats above the ground with the most beautiful movements. Adoption Fee: $200.

Jolly: 2006 Bay quarter horse mare. While she has no health or physical issues, after 3 months of professional training, it has been determined that she will not accept a rider. Jolly is sweet as can be, has wonderful manners but requires a home in which she will not be ridden. Adoption fee: $200.

Max2Max, 2001 Thoroughbred gelding, has been ridden, needs a refresher. Light cribber in the stall. Personality plus, extremely well behaved and gets along very well with other horses. Adoption Fee: $400

Jewel2Jewel: 2007 thoroughbred mare, raced once. Approximately 15 hands. Friendly and playful, she gets along well with other horses. Needs a refresher under saddle. Jewel was saved from a local kill buyer. Adoption fee $400

Diamond4Diamond: 1998 thoroughbred broodmare. Approximately 15 hands. Sweet as can be. Has not been evaluated under saddle yet.Diamond was saved from a local kill buyer. Adoption fee $300

FlickaFLICKA: Palomino mare, 18 years old, 14 hands. Loves children, very well trained. Has been ridden by kids and adults. Does not like small farm animals. Adoption Fee: $400

IN REHAB - Not Currently Available For Adoption

JackJack: 2003 dark bay who came to us as an unhandled stallion in the spring of 2013. He has since been gelded and we are working on getting him to trust humans. Sponsors needed.

PaintPaint: 2009 paint who came to us with Jack as an unhandled stallion in the spring of 2013. He has been gelded and is coming along well with learning to trust humans. Sponsors needed.


Molly: 2002 Bay quarter horse mare. Molly has developed an on and off lameness issue which we are treating with weekly chiropractic adjustments and massages. She has now joined our Sanctuary herd. Sponsors needed.

BubbaBubba: 2003 Sorrel Quarter Horse gelding. Due to an inoperable growth near his esophagus and having gone blind in his left eye, Bubba will be spending his life as a one of our sanctuary horses. He welcomes visitors to spoil him with pets and treats. Sponsors needed.

HollyHolly 2005: bay quarter horse mare. After a successful surgery to an old injury on one of her hind legs, Holly has joined our sanctuary horses. While there are no permanent damages, she requires special care of her leg. Sponsors needed.

HappyHappy: 2000 thoroughbred gelding. Read his special story here. Sponsors needed.

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