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We Speak Up for Horses bound for slaughter and those neglected, abused, or discarded by rescuing and rehoming these horses. We also educate the public about horse slaughter, horse welfare laws, and what it means to be a responsible horse owner. Our work is driven by the belief that education seeds compassion, a life-long commitment to our horses and a respect for all life.

Rescued thoroughbred

U.S. H.R. 961 To prevent human health threats posed by the consumption of equines raised in the United States

Introduced in Congress on February 04, 2019
Passage of this bill will prevent horse slaughter plants from opening in the US and stop the export of live American horses across the borders for slaughter. Please contact your US Representative and ask them to support and co sponsor HR 961.

June 27, 2019: U.S. Senators Bob Menendez (NJ), Lindsey Graham (SC), Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), and Susan Collins (ME) introduced the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, S. 2006 in the Senate! This is the same as what has already been introduced in the House back in February. 
Please call your respective Senators to co-sponsor this bill as well


                       This link will take you to your legislators: 

                                      Members Of Congress

 Horse slaughter is a cruel, unnecessary, predatory industry.

The effort to ban slaughter through a federal bill is now more than a decade old.
Each year that passes without
a ban sees almost  100,000 American horses shipped over our borders to be butchered for human consumption. Please send a polite email to your U.S. senators and representative and urge them to support HR 961, a permanent ban on

1) the slaughter of American horses for human consumption, and

2) the transport of American horses over our borders for that purpose.

Call your legislators TODAY!! Ask them to co sponsor this bill.

The PAST ACT: End Horse Soring

The Prevent All Soring Tactics, or PAST Act, is the federal bill to end the cruel practice of horse soring. Soring is a practice used by unscrupulous trainers to deliberately inflict pain in order to exaggerate the high-stepping gait of their horses and gain unfair competitive advantage at horse shows.   View Video - graphic content.

116th Congress (2019 -2020)          H.R.693:     
To amend the Horse Protection Act to designate additional unlawful acts under the Act, strengthen penalties for violations of the Act, improve Department of Agriculture enforcement of the Act, and for other purposes.

Follow the progress of this bill: PAST ACT

GOOD NEWS!!! The U.S. House voted on the Prevent All Soring Tactics Act (PAST Act)on on July 25th, 2019. The vote was FOR THE HORSES, 333 Yays to 96 Nays. The Senate PAST Act bill has a different number —
S. 1007. Please call your Senators and urge them to co-sponsor S.1007 so it can be brought to the floor for a vote!!!!

The American Wild Horses

The Department of Interior is charged with protecting and responsibly managing America’s wild horse population, but the agency’s FY18 budget request would do the exact opposite, authorizing the wholesale killing of tens of thousands of healthy wild horses and burros.

Call, fax and e-mail your Senators. 

Let them know you do not want them to authorize removal of existing protections which keep the BLM from slaughtering healthy wild horses/burros and which also keep them from selling those animals "without restrictions". 

Tell them you are one of the 80% of American voters and taxpayers who want them to maintain these protections when reviewing and marking up the FY18 budget.  America's wild horses and burros should not be slaughtered to extinction to try and correct decades of mismanagement techniques of the BLM.

White Paper

Budget Cuts Could Mean Horse Slaughtering To Be Reinstated


How To Recognize Equine Abuse & Neglect

Through the generous support of the ASPCA, and an anonymous donor, Speak Up is busy training Kentucky law enforcement and elected officials in "How to Recognize Equine Abuse and Neglect". This program is free of charge and we will travel to you to accommodate your busy schedules.

We encourage interested veterinarians, horse owners and enthusiasts to attend any one of our classes. Contact Shelly for more information or to schedule training in your Kentucky county.  

The program is free!

Learn how to use Kentucky law to help abused and neglected horses.

Training program in the media.

Being an effective advocate on legislative issues means understanding how and when to write letters and make phone calls. This requires an understanding of how Congress works.
Process of a Bill
For advocates, there are a few steps to pay particular attention to:
When bills are introduced and need cosponsors,
When bills are being considered in committee, and
When bills come to the floor of the House and Senate for voting.
At each of these points, advocates can make effective contacts with their elected representatives.
Please help us stand up for the welfare of our horses by contacting your senators and representatives to support the anti horse slaughter bills currently in both the House and the Senate.

US Members of Congress:

House Representatives

Contact Your Legislators
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