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Rescue With Care

Speak Up For Horses, Inc. supports the rescue of slaughter-bound and neglected horses in the state of Kentucky. We also partner with a number of established equine organizations to help at-risk horses in other areas and help match their available horses with adopters who contact us when we do not have a horse available at our facility that fits their criteria.

We have assisted CANTER and local thoroughbred trainers by photographing retiring racehorses at nearby racetracks for posting on the CANTER website.

In November of 2009 CANTER launched a Kentucky Chapter.

A Listing of Kentucky Thoroughbeds can be viewed here.

We urge people interested in rescuing a horse from auction to consult established rescues in their geographic area. There are many excellent horses available at auctions and through rescues. Buying at auction can be a bit of an impulse decision, so weigh carefully the pros and cons of such a purchase.

If you are unsure of buying at an auction, please consider adopting a horse from a horse rescue in your area. These horses have been evaluated and handled. Health problems or training issues have been identified, addressed, in most cases solved, and in all cases disclosed. You will most likely be required to fill out an adoption application, provide references, and photos of where you will keep your adopted horse. Some rescues will require a site check. Please recognize it is in everyone's best interest that the fit of horse to adopter be a

life-long one. A horse that you think looks pretty in a photo might not be the right horse for you.

If you can't own your own horse right now, please consider supporting a rescue financially or by donating goods, services or your time as a volunteer.


Most rescues are non-profit organizations where your financial donation is tax deductible.

Others choose to operate outside the governmental regulations of federal nonprofit status.

Pick a rescue with which you feel comfortable.

Some rescues have sponsorship programs, others have wish lists for horse supplies like hay, wormers and other items to support the daily needs of their equines.

Many encourage on-site volunteering which can be a win-win for both the rescue and the horse lover.

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Recurring donations are an easy way to support our horses and our mission. Set up your preferred amount below and know that even the smallest gift makes a big difference for our equines. Join the group of our devoted subscribers:

About Our Horses

Are they in a kill pen? No

Are they at an auction? No

Are they going to slaughter? No

Are they being neglected? No

Where they? Yes

Now they are at our rescue, all their needs are met except one: A home

Will you be that home?

Will you support them while they wait?

Will you help us with their needs?

Support and adopt a rescue, so more horses have the same opportunity.

Horse Rescue Kentucky
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