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Call Us For A Visit To Our Farm In The Beautiful Bluegrass: 859-472-0021
Horse Rescue Kentucky

                                                             We are located in Northern Kentucky within 45 minutes of Cincinnati and Lexington.
                                                             Pendleton County, Kentucky is nestled in an area with rolling hills, ridge land,               

                                                             beautiful trees and incredible wild life.

                                                             It is so quiet at the farm, a visit feels like a mini vacation for the mind and soul.

The farm consists of approximately 36 acres, 30 of which are rolling pasture land with groves of trees, evergreens and shrubs.  

Whether the horses are looking for shade, a light breeze or protection from rain or heavy wind, they have access to areas to accommodate their needs.

Of course the local wildlife also takes advantage of the safety our farm has to offer.

We often see visitors such as deer, foxes, squirrels and many different types of birds.

Our apple tree is a favorite among not only the horses but also the squirrels, deer, ground hogs and any other animal which loves the sweet taste of this fruit.

Horse Rescue Kentucky

Our horses have access to trees in different areas of their pastures and grass is growing in abundance throughout the rolling hills.

Rescue horses Kentucky

Our barn has two aisles of stalls surrounding a big indoor arena which we use for training as well as turn out during bad weather.

A couple of the 24 stalls were transformed to double sized foaling stalls in order to house mares & babies or large sized horses.

We love our indoor arena.
Not only big enough for training, riding, turning horses out during bad weather, we've also used it to teach young horses to load on a trailer.

Our front paddock, just outside of the barn, keeps young ones safe and can be used for special turn out.

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