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                EIN # 22-3934818

Our Sanctuary Horses

Bringing horses to the rescue doesn't guarantee that they will all move on to a home of their very own. Some may be unadoptable due to age, injury, medical conditions, distrust or other issues due to past neglect. We can offer these well deserving horses a permanent sanctuary at our farm with the help of you, our supporter.

Please consider a recurring donation to sponsor one of these beautiful animals.

Come on by and meet them in person; they love pets and treats from visitors.

Call us at 859-472-0021 to schedule your trip to our farm.  


One of the worst cases of neglect we ever encountered, Happy will never have to want for anything at all as one of

our sanctuary horses. You can read his story here.

Please consider sponsoring Happy.



2003 Sorrel Quarter Horse gelding.

Due to an inoperable growth near his esophagus and

having gone blind in his left eye, Bubba will be spending his life as a one of our sanctuary horses.

He welcomes visitors to spoil him with pets and treats.

Sponsors needed.



2002 Bay quarter horse mare.

Molly has developed an on and off lameness issue which we are treating with anti inflammatory medication, chiropractic adjustments and massages when needed.  Molly would love some sponsors for her $ 85/month medication which keeps her comfortable.


When we took in Jack, he was a stallion with very little human handling. Unruly, yet scared, we had him gelded as soon as we were able to. 
He now loves people but is still in stallion mode when it comes to other geldings. 
While he gets along well with mares, we do not feel that adopting him would be a safe choice. 
Please come visit Jack and see how much he has learned to enjoy human attention and treats. 



A beautiful thoroughbred mare one of our board members saved from a local kill buyer in 2013.
She came to us with Diamond and they were best friends all this time. 
Living a happy life with the other sanctuary horses we would appreciate sponsors to help with her upkeep as well. 


If you would like to learn more about our sanctuary horses, please feel free to call Shelly at                                                                    859-472-0021 

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