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Legislation Important To The Cause

116th Congress (2019 - 2020)
H.R. 961

To prevent human health threats posed by the consumption of equines raised in the United States

Introduced in Congress on February 04, 2019
Passage of this bill will prevent horse slaughter plants from opening in the US and stop the export of live American horses across the borders for slaughter. Please contact your US Representative and ask them to support and co sponsor HR 961. Please use this link to find your legislatures.: 

                    Members Of Congress

To truly end the slaughter of our American horses once and for all, we must pass this very important federal legislation. Each of us can do our part by contacting our representatives asking them to co-sponsor.

Find your Senator

Find your Representative

Many people believe that horse slaughter has ended because the three US horse slaughter plants have closed. This is not true. The slaughter of American horses continues: our horses are cruelly transported thousands of miles to Canada and Mexico.


To amend the Horse Protection Act to designate additional unlawful acts under the Act, strengthen penalties for violations of the Act, improve Department of Agriculture enforcement of the Act, and for other purposes.

Follow the progress of this bill:


Double Decker Transportation

Since October 7, 2011 the new amendment of the Commercial Transport of Equines to Slaughter Regulation is in effect, making it illegal to use double deck trailers for any transport of slaughter horses. However, the protection of the regulation is only as good as its enforcement.

Horse Slaughter
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Transport Issue Links
On The Web And In Print

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(Please note some footage may be graphic in nature and should be previewed before allowing children to view.)

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Horse Slaughter
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