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Horse Adoption Kentucky


Horses are our passion and their welfare is our number 1 priority when considering  an adopter. We want our horses to be matched with a suitable adopter who understands that owning a horse is a lifelong commitment. 

To insure the adopter can provide a healthy environment and quality of life for our equines, we require this Adoption Application to be filled out and returned to us for review.

Our Adoption Contract outlines our adoption requirements and regulations.

Adoptable Horses


Hope came to us as a yearling with dropped rear pasterns and other growth issues from being kept

in conditions which did not allow her to thrive.

Since then she has grown out of her physical ailments and she runs and plays as all 3 year olds do. While she won't be able to be ridden, she can live a very healthy, happy life as a someone's and their horse's best friend.
She absolutely loves attention and follows you everywhere.

Adoption fee: $300.


Gorgeous chestnut Thoroughbred gelding standing at 16'2

Kain was not raced and is currently in training.
He's doing well with ground work and has been started under saddle.
He is naturally working off his hind quarters and rounding his back well in trot.
Kain is a gorgeous mover.

Adoption fee $ 900


Leo  ( registered name: Magnetic Force ) 

2003 Thoroughbred gelding. 16'2 hands.

Retired sound from racing and with a very stout build, he could excel in any discipline.

He is extremely curious and friendly and gets along well with other horses.

We have started his re-training and he is doing fabulously.
Come see this hunk in person and fall in love. 

Adoption fee: $900.

   VIDEO1         VIDEO2

Penny      -     adoption pending


Approx. 8 year old Thoroughbred mare, was not raced.

15'2 hands. As friendly as they come. Healthy and beautiful. Gets along well with other horses.

Doing excellent in her under saddle training.

Perfect project for the experienced horse person.

Adoption Fee: $900

    VIDEO1          VIDEO2


2003 Bay quarter horse mare. Sugar loves her treats!

The sweeter the better.... She knows if you have some in your pocket the minute you are within 100 feet of her.

This mare was a young mother and her and her colt survived

all odds.

Healthy and whole with plenty of personality.

Adoption Fee: $200.


2006 Bay quarter horse mare.

While she has no health or physical issues, after 3 months of professional training, it has been determined that she will not accept a rider.

Jolly is sweet as can be, has wonderful manners but requires a home in which she will not be ridden.

Adoption fee: $200.



2006 Bay quarter horse mare.

The Diva is in the house. Will follow you to the moon for a massage, pets and treats.

She lives for the attention. Can be bossy around other horses to assure she is number 1.

Star literally floats above the ground with the most beautiful movements.

Adoption Fee: $200.



2001 bay quarter horse mare.

Big and bold, yet she mingles well with other horses.

Very expressive mare who loves to make faces.

She is looking for a home to give her a job that requires the use of her brain.

Adoption Fee: $200.


Only available to an experienced mini owner.

Nicky does the mini image total justice.

Cute as a button with little devil horns, he needs a home with

a mini lover who enjoys being challenged.
He's doesn't have a mean bone in his body, but can be mini-like annoying when asked to obey orders.
If you are that person with the required patience and persistence, you will love this little "monster" as much as we do.

Adoption Fee: $ 300



2005 bay quarter horse mare.
After a successful surgery to an old injury on one of her hind legs, Holly is doing well and enjoys training with Moriah.
While there are no permanent damages, the scar is quite visible.
She is smart and loves the attention and we would want a home in which she receives lots of attention. 

Adoption Fee $ 300



Sweet 16'1 hand chestnut Thoroughbred gelding.

Was not raced and is currently in training under saddle.
Kind and very willing to learn, Snoopy will make a great

project horse.

Adoption fee $ 900


2000 thoroughbred mare, companion horse only. 

She enjoys her other friends and can become quite attached to them. Best suited to hang out in the pasture where she can buddy up to other mares and young horses. 
Adoption Fee $ 300

Horse Adoption Kentucky
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Horse Adoption Kentucky
Thoroughbred Adoption Kentucky
Horse Adoption Kentucky
Horse Adoption Kentucky
Mini for adoption
Horse Adoption Kentucky
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Thoroughbred Adoption Kentucky
Currently In Training   -  Available Soon

We want the best future for our horses and professional training is a very important part of their stay with us, as we do our best to prepare them for their new homes.

Please help us send our horses to school by making a much appreciated, tax deductible donation to our Training Fund.


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Thoroughbred gelding.

Was not raced and had very little interaction with humans. He is overcoming his fear issues with the help of Moriah at our farm. Training wise he is extremely smart and picks up new moves quickly.
He will need a person who will be completely devoted to him and make him feel safe while he is learning new stuff.

Watch for updates and videos on his progress.

Adoption Fee $ 900


Thoroughbred Adoption Kentucky
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